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Ultimate Next Gen Guide by Lost-Our-Dreams Ultimate Next Gen Guide by Lost-Our-Dreams
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First Gen from Left to Right:

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Prince Shining Armor
- Parents of Princess Athena Cuore Impavido and Prince Romeo.
- Aunt and uncle of Midnight Shine.
- Rulers of the Crystal Empire.

Captain Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle
- Parents of Midnight Shine.
- Aunt and uncle of Athena, Romeo, Mirage, and Jewel.
- Flash is the Captain of the Ponyville Guard.
- Twilight and her friends go to the places marked on the Cutie Map and spread friendship to those areas; and whenever she's not doing that she takes care of most of the lawful royal duties (laws, taxes, contracts, etc.).
- Ponyville greatly increased in size after Twilight became a princess and her Castle of Friendship appeared.

Spike and Rarity
- Biological parents of Mirage.
- Adopted Sparkling Jewel when she was about 1.
- Aunt and uncle of Midnight Shine.
- After her success in her gala dresses, catching the eye of Hoity Toity, winning the Fashion Week competition, and having ties with royalty; Rarity's fashions finally got the attention of Equestria and she became a world renowned fashion designer.
- Rarity still lives in the expanded Carousel Boutique with her family, but they make frequent trips to Canterlot for her business. Spike is still Twilight's #1 assistant and helps her with anything and everything whenever he can.

- Biological parents of 
Sparkling Jewel.
- They were both crystal ponies.
- Died when Jewel was only a few months old.

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash
- Parents of Trim Styles and Zelda Melody.
- Aunt and uncle of Mirage and Jewel.
- Sweetie discovered her cutie mark in singing and Button in game design. With the help of her mentor, Sapphire Shores, Sweetie became very well known and very talented.
- They live in Ponyville, but Sweetie is gone on tour a lot while Button works from home and watches their girls.
- Upon growing up Sweetie Belle and her fellow crusaders opened up the Cutie Mark Crusaders as an official Big Sister/Brother-Little Sister/Brother type of organization, dedicated to helping kids find their destinies- whether that's a cutie mark or more. Sweetie Belle makes occasional guest appearances, often dealing with helping kids conquer their fears to find themselves.

Duchess Trixie and Duke Blueblood
- Parents of Magic Trick.
- They live in Canterlot Castle.
- Although both very arrogant and stuck-up in their youths, as they grew older they both experienced things that knocked some manners into them and they're now fairly good ponies. They try their best to keep their good image by giving to charities and such.

Diamond Tiara and Snips
- Parents of Pageant Prize.
- Diamond Tiara's originally gained her cutie mark in doing pageants, but as she grew older it represented her leadership skills; and as such she is currently running for mayor of Ponyville.
- Snips, despite his goofy looks, is a famous hair stylist. Together the couple well supports their small family of 3.

Silver Spoon and Snails
- Parents of Dragonfly.
- Silver Spoon collects and sells antiques, while her husband Snails studies insects. Although formerly rich, Silver Spoon and her family lead a quiet life now.
- They live in Ponyville.

Fluttershy and Big Macintosh
- Parents of Honey Crisp.
- Aunt and uncle of Jonathan Buck, Red Gala, and Pippin Apple.
- They live in Fluttershy's cottage, relocated nearer to the apple orchards. They haven't changed much.

Applejack and Caramel
- Parents of Jonathan Buck and Red Gala.
- Aunt and uncle of Honey Crisp and Pippin Apple.
- Caramel was a former rodeo stallion, but now mostly works on the farm with his family.
- They live on Sweet Apple Acres.

Apple Bloom and Pipsqueak (Pip)
- Parents of Pippin Apple.
- Aunt and uncle of Jonathan Buck, Red Gala, and Honey Crisp.
- Apple Bloom discovered her cutie mark in renewing things and Pip found his in sailing.
-They live on Sweet Apple Acres, where Apple Bloom tends to the orchards and fixes anything that needs repairing; while Pip is most often off at sea working in the navy.
- Upon growing up Apple Bloom and her fellow crusaders opened up the Cutie Mark Crusaders as an official Big Sister/Brother-Little Sister/Brother type of organization, dedicated to helping kids find their destinies- whether that's a cutie mark or more. Apple Bloom heads the organization.

Princess Celestia and Discord
- Parents of Confusion and Unity.
- Aunt and uncle of Nocturne Eclipse.
- Celestia remains the main ruler of Equestria.
- Besides managing the daytime, Celestia mainly deals with meetings, events, socializing with her subjects type stuff; earning their trust and respect.
- Discord, although technically a ruler alongside Celestia, prefers to stay out of royal duties as he'd rather not be 'the king of ponies'.

Princess Luna and Sombra
- Parents of Nocturne Eclipse.
- Aunt and uncle of Confusion and Unity.
- Luna remains the co-ruler of Equestria.
- Besides managing the nighttime, Luna deals with most of the guard and any feuding that pops up in Equestria.
- Sombra is not considered a ruler as there's no duties available for him. He mostly just hangs around the castle, helping his wife with anything and enjoying his hobbies.

Rainbow Dash and Soarin
- Parents of Primary Streak and Rainbow Storm.
- Aunt and uncle of Crash Boomer.
- While Soarin has retired early to stay home, Rainbow Dash is still an active Wonderbolt and is away a lot.
- They live in Cloudsdale.

Scootaloo and Rumble
- Parents of Crash Boomer.
- Aunt and uncle of Primary Streak, Rainbow Storm, Comet Blaze, and Silverwind.
- Scootaloo has abnormally small wings that allow her to hover but not fly. She was an orphan, but was later adopted as Rainbow Dash's sister.
- Scootaloo found her talent in trick-scootering, and Rumble in being an sports announcer. Scootaloo now works doing daredevil tricks and stunts on her trusty scooter; using her small wings to propel herself to speeds earth ponies can't match and getting extra air time.
- They live in Ponyville.
- Upon growing up Scootaloo and her fellow crusaders opened up the Cutie Mark Crusaders as an official Big Sister/Brother-Little Sister/Brother type of organization, dedicated to helping kids find their destinies- whether that's a cutie mark or more. Scootaloo helps kids with disabilities to conquer them and use them to their advantage.

Lightning Dust and Thunderlane
- Parents of Comet Blaze.
- They met at a bar and Thunderlane accidentally got her pregnant. They only dated for about a week before he broke it off, unaware of the foal. She kept it a secret from him until she had the foal and realized she wasn't ready to be a mother. Unready to take care of a foal all on her own, Lightning Dust left the colt at his father's doorstep and died of a reckless crash the next day. Whether it was an accident or suicide is unknown.

Thunderlane and Cloudchaser
- Parents of Silverwind.
- Aunt and uncle of Crash Boomer.
- Thunderlane had no choice but to care for his accidental son, and through becoming a father, matured a lot. After his drama with Lightning Dust, Thunderlane truly fell in love with Cloudchaser, and later married her.
- Cloudchaser loves Comet Blaze as though he were her biological son too.
- They live in Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
- Parents of Smart Cookie, CC, and String Cheese.
- They now own and live at Sugarcube Corner. They've retired from party planning (except for special occasions) to manage the bakery/sweets shop.

Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights
- Parents of Strobe Light.
- They now own a record company.
- They live in Ponyville.

Octavia and Royal Riff
- Parents of Treble Tune.
- Octavia is a part of the royal symphony while Riff composes his own music.
- They live in Canterlot.

Next Gen from Left to Right:

Princess Athena Cuore Impavido (Brave Heart) 'Athena'
- Daughter of Cadence and Shining Armor.
- Older sister of Romeo.
- Cousin of Midnight Shine.
- Athena has always had a heart for protecting others, and so despite being a mare her dream was to be in the Crystal Guard. She loved practicing sword fighting with her dad and was fairly good for her age but was told she probably wouldn't be accepted as she was a princess. So as a young filly she foolishly went after a polar Ursa Minor to prove herself, but the Ursa Minor gave her a good scratch on her right eye, rendering her blind in it. Due to her slight handicap she was unable to achieve her dream of joining the Crystal Guard, but with the help of her family she discovered other ways she could protect the Empire. She now works as a nurse for the guard and is in training as next in line to the Crystal throne.
- From growing up wanting to be a guard she developed a serious and mature personality, but she is extremely caring and generous to others.
- Her talent is, obviously, in protecting others; whether that's in combat, with medicine and care, or with guidance and leadership.

Prince Romeo
- Son of Cadence and Shining Armor.
- Younger brother of Athena.
- Cousin of Midnight Shine.
- He was born prematurely and as such is very skinny for a stallion; and with his long hair he is often mistaken for a mare at first by strangers. It happens so often when he visits places outside the Empire that he's used to it by now. 
- Romeo is preppy, dramatic, dreamy, and a romantic. Although he is a romantic and is quite charming and gentlemanly, he doesn't purposely flirt with mares; as in, he doesn't mean to get mares to fall in love him. He's still looking for that right one to put his charm to use.
- He has a passion for acting and would much rather be famous for his talent than his title.
- Tons of mares in the Empire fangirl over him as he's so 'pretty' and gentlemanly, and not to mention royalty. Because of this unwanted attention Romeo often makes retreats to Ponyville to hang out with his cousin Midnight and her friends.
- His mom is constantly setting him up on blind dates, but none of them have worked out yet.

Midnight Shine 'Midie'
- Daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry.
- Cousin of Athena, Romeo, Mirage, and Jewel.
- Midnight Shine is very smart and magically talented as expected, but she isn't as nerdy/serious as her mother; she likes to goof off and is more chill like her father. She often relies on her strong magic to do things, rendering her a bit lazy.
- Midnight
 doesn't really know where she wants to go in life, everyone expects her to be the next Princess of Friendship but she's not sure if that's what she wants or not. So as for now, she prefers to not be called 'Princess' and insists ponies ponies treat her like a normal unicorn, which she considers herself as.
Her talent really lies in astrology, but she studies magic as she believes it's the only way to make her mom proud.
- She is best friends with her cousin Mirage.
- Although she is just good friends with Ri she finds him attractive.

- Daughter of Spike and Rarity.
- Adopted older sister of Jewel.
- Cousin of Midnight Shine, Trim Styles, and Zelda Melody.
- Spike and Rarity can't have kids the regular way, so they had Twilight use a spell to create Mirage using their DNA and powerful magic. So although she is biologically their child, Rarity did not conceive her; and because Rarity could not conceive her, she turned out a dragon rather than a pony or dracony as expected.
Growing up as a dragon in a world of ponies, she was at first quite shy and unsure of herself; but with the help of good friends she became confident. Nowadays Mirage is confident, intelligent, determined, and occasionally mischievous. She enjoys food, making jokes, and pulling pranks with her wits. She inherited her father's loyalty and will stick beside a friend no matter what, even if it means the claws coming out.
- As she doesn't have a cutie mark to point the way, Mirage doesn't have a specific talent or destiny, and as such she struggles to find a purpose.
- She has a crush on Jonathan Buck as he's very charming and nice to her, and often makes her feel pretty- dragon form or not.

Sparkling Jewel 'Jewel'
- Adopted daughter of Spike and Rarity.
- Adopted younger sister of Mirage.
- Adopted Cousin of Midnight Shine, Trim Styles, and Zelda Melody.
Adopted as an infant, Jewel fits right in with the family, even if she isn't blood related. Like her adoptive mother, she was born with natural grace and beauty, and is a Canterlot mare at heart. She is well-mannered, a bit reserved, kind, and nonjudgmental. Jewel is very proud of her race and heritage, and strives to disprove the stereotype of earth ponies being uncouth farmers. She hates it when ponies are snobbish or brag for no reason, but rarely speaks out about it. Although she tries to be generous and gives to many charities, she's a bit greedy when it comes to attention. In her profession it's the more attention the better, but in her social life it can rub ponies the wrong way.
- Jewel's cutie mark resembles her 'hidden gem' type of personality and strange ability to sense nearby gems. She works as a model in Canterlot, though.
She became mommy's favorite at a young age, much to her older sister Mirage's jealousy. They worked it out in the end, but now they're not as close as other siblings. 
- She is best friends with Red Gala and good friends with Romeo from his frequent visits. She has a secret crush on Romeo.
- Jewel used to babysit her younger twin cousins but stopped after Trim ruined her hair once. She loves her little cousin but won't let Trim near her hair again.

Trim Styles 'Trim'
- Daughter of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash.
- Older twin of Zelda Melody.
- Cousin of Mirage and Jewel.
Trim turned out to be much like her mother in more ways than her looks. Although not very musically talented, she is a traditional girly-girl. She loves playing dress up, giving her dolls makeovers, and styling manes. She can be a bit of a romantic, causing her to get random crushes on quite a few colts. From her father she inherited her sensitivity.
- Trim always loved giving her dolls haircuts and makeovers, and found her talent in hair styling. 
- Trim really adores and looks up to her older cousin Jewel.
- Although Trim and her twin sister are totally different (Trim being a momma's girl, taking after her mom, and favoring her cousin Jewel), they are two peas in a pod and always stick by each other.
- As stated above, Trim is 
a bit of a romantic, causing her to easily get crushes on quite a few colts. So, she likes Pippin as he is adventurous and often pretends she's a princess, although she and Boomer quarrel alot she finds him attractive, and she has a schoolgirl crush on Ri since he's so charming.

Zelda Melody 'Zels'
- Daughter of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash.
- Younger twin of Trim Styles.
- Cousin of Mirage and Jewel.
Zelda is spastic, generous, competitive, sarcastic, and loves video games. She makes it a personal goal of hers to not just beat every modern game, but totally 100% everything in the game. Despite taking so much after her father, Zelda did inherit her mother's musical ability, so naturally she loves nothing more than game music.
She has quite a reputation online as 'S.O.S' or Song of Storms (so many references), and gets many friend requests; being the daughter of a famous game designer and all. 
- She earns her cutie mark when she starts dubstep remixing her favorite game music; later on she will create her own music for her father or other's games.
- Because Zels is quite a tomboy she gets along well with Boomer, she's also good friends with Unity.
 Although Zelda and her twin sister are totally different (Zels being a daddy's girl, taking after her dad, and favoring her cousin Mirage), they are two peas in a pod and always stick by each other. Zels is usually protecting her sister from Dragonfly and Page's bullying.

Magic Trick 'Trick'
- Daughter of Trixie and Blueblood.
Trick was raised very carefully and turned out a very well mannered filly, as her parents didn't want her to be as snobbish as they once were. The two once-conceited-now-royals did everything in their power to keep a good image and be accepted, but not all ponies believed their acts of charity and smiles; saying it was all a charade so they'd have good publicity. So as Trick got older and started to see all the judgmental ponies that looked down upon her family, she grew bitter. Now she is just what her parents tried to prevent her from becoming; a snobby, bitter, and arrogant princess.
- As her magic is not the best, her talent lies in distractions and deceit; similar to a non-unicorn magician.
- Trick despises Midnight as she thinks she's a 'perfect pretty little princess' which she is really jealous of.
- She has a fat crush on Prince Romeo.

Pageant Prize 'Page'
- Son of Diamond Tiara and Snips.
Even though Page and Dragonfly play the bullies figures, they are actually not snobbish, stereotypical bullies like their mothers once were. In reality Page is actually a bit reserved and generous. He'll help ponies out in a jam and loves babysitting. He is occasionally bullied himself by older colts because his mother makes him do pageants even though he's a boy.
- His cutie mark is a blue ribbon symbolizing his 'high quality-ness' as he is great at pageants with his pristine looks and winning smile.
- He teases Trim because he actually has a crush on her and apparently that's how little boys show their affection xD
- Page and Dragonfly have been best friends for as long as they can remember. As he is more reserved he usually just follows along with what Dragonfly says/does. Dragonfly is the only pony who knows about his crush.
- Although Boomer doesn't exactly bully him they strongly dislike each other due to their clashing personalities.

- Daughter of Silver Spoon and Snails.
Even though she and Page play the bullies figures, they are actually not snobbish, stereotypical bullies like their mothers once were. Dragonfly is quite genuine and a bit nerdy, loving to collect and observe bugs like her father.
- Her talent lies in bug catching.
Dragonfly and Page have been best friends for as long as they can remember. As Page is more reserved Dragonfly is actually the leader of their duo.
- She likes Page but Page has a crush on Trim, and so Dragonfly hates Trim and bullies her to make herself look cooler. As Page follows Dragonfly he started teasing Trim too and after a while their teasing escalated into bullying.

Honey Crisp 'Honey'
- Daughter of Fluttershy and Big Macintosh.
- Cousin of Jonathan Buck, Red Gala, and Pippin Apple.
Honey Crisp may come off as shy or rude, but in truth she is just a very quiet and soft-spoken pony. She really only speaks when spoken to, and when she does it's usually a very simple/blunt reply. Much like her mother she is very sweet and caring, and she loves nothing more than helping others. With her hard-working spirit and need to be active like a busy bee, she's a bit of a workaholic.
- Her cutie mark 
represents her always-needing-to-do-something attitude and connection with animals.
- She is Prince Confusion's first and only close friend.
- Smart Cookie enjoys her quiet company when they hang out as besties.

Jonathan Buck 'Buck'.
- Son of Applejack and Caramel.
- Older brother of Red Gala.
- Cousin of Honey Crisp and Pippin Apple.
Buck is definitely his father's son as he is very charming and a bit flirty. He also picked up his mother's honesty, so although he often charms ponies to buy apple products, he would never tell a false compliment. In a way he points out the best in ponies, and due to this he is very likable and tends to have many mares following after him.
- Buck is exceptionally strong, earning his cutie mark as a colt by bucking down a young apple tree. He's good help on the farm with his strength but he manages the apple cart more often then not.
- Although flirty, he doesn't have interest in any particular mares he knows yet.

Red Gala 'Gala'
- Daughter of 
Applejack and Caramel.
- Younger sister of Jonathan Buck.
- Cousin of Honey Crisp and Pippin Apple.
Gala is spunky, opinionated, independent, and also strong like her mother. Unlike most Apples, Gala has some manners and cares more about her appearance. Don't get the wrong idea, she definitely isn't prissy about dirt or a pushover; she just likes to keep her mane nice, cleans her hooves after she's done with chores, and definitely doesn't burp. Despite this though her family and thus the farm always comes first, so she gladly helps buck apples and feed the pigs and whatnot.
- Her talent lies in making delicious h
ors d'oeuvers.
- She is best friends with Jewel, as they're both into fashion and Canterlot life.
- She is attracted to Nocturne and gets flustered every time he pops in to see her. She believes he's into her, but then again he just likes to mess with ponies so who knows? Applejack doesn't like the stallion around as their relationship reminds her of when she and Caramel started out (they had a very rocky start but worked it out and got married).

Pippin Apple 'Pippin'
- Son of Apple Bloom and Pipsqueak 'Pip'.
- Cousin of Jonathan Buck, Red Gala, and Honey Crisp.
Being the son of Apple Bloom and Pipsqueak, Pippin is bold, adventurous, and often getting into trouble. He inherited his father's former fascination with pirates, and was led to believe that sand dollars were the currency of the sea. Nowadays he trades sand dollars with his friends, to some foals' amusement. He dreams of meeting a real good pirate, and maybe a mermare or two.
- He later earns his cutie mark in sea trading.
- As Pippin has a rather strong imagination, he often pretends he's a knight or a pirate and since Trim is so girly he'll pretend she's a princess a lot. He doesn't mean anything by it, it's just fun.
- Pippin, Boomer, and String are the bros.

Prince Confusion 'Fusion'
- Son of Celestia and Discord.
- Older brother of Unity.
- Cousin of Nocturne.
Fusion is responsible, mature, and a natural peacekeeper. Even though his parents are immortal, and so he's no heir to a throne, he still has a lot of pressure on him being the firstborn of the rulers of Equestria. Although he is great with words, in a casual setting he is not very sociable and isn't the best at making friends. He's a bit of a natural loner, and the only pony he opens up to is his childhood friend Honey Crisp.
- His talent lies in peace, and his royal duty is to extend peace treaties to the far off lands Princess Twilight brings friendship to.
- Daddy Discord introduced him to his good friend Fluttershy's daughter, Honey Crisp, at a young age and they quickly became friends. 
She is Fusion's first and closest friend; although he's started to develop more-than-friend feelings towards her. Whenever he goes to visit her she tries to get him to click with her other friends.
- He and his sister Unity are typical siblings; she's always pestering him but they still love each other, and he's very overprotective of her.
- Although Trick is only distantly related to him, they are very close and have a cousin-like relationship. Fusion is really her only friend and is the only one who knows the real her, and the only one who knows about her jealousy of Midnight. Due to this he's even more awkward around Midnight Shine than Honey's other friends.

Princess Unity
- Daughter of Celestia and Discord.
- Younger sister of Confusion.
- Cousin of Nocturne.
Unity is a very energetic, playful, but mischievous filly. She spends her time pranking the castle staff and is often scolded by her mother for eating her cakes.
- Even though Unity seems to have less draconequus genes than Fusion, she was never able to get a cutie mark. Most young ponies would feel worthless if they didn't have a cutie mark, but Unity was actually glad. She doesn't believe in limiting oneself to one job in life, and is determined to make her own destiny. From knitting to oceanography she is constantly trying new things to find what feels right for her.
As she is proud of the way she looks and definitely bolder than her brother, Unity was never shut inside the castle like him. Due to this she has a nice group of friends in Ponyville (the group of younger next gen). She is especially close with sassy Zels and the also mischievous String Cheese.

Prince Nocturne Eclipse 'Nocturne'
- Son of Luna and Sombra.
- Cousin of Confusion and Unity.
Nocturne is a charmer, and keeps an air of mystery about him. He tends to speak in charming hushed tones, and seems to be a rebel/bad boy. Although a prince, he doesn't know his place as a royal, like Unity and Midnight. He prefers to just do what he wants and ignores his parents' advice and royal etiquette lessons. He loves to creep up on others and scare them, and hates it when his mother calls him Moony.
- He loves all things space and thus earned his cutie mark in astrology. He gets a bit embarrassed though by his secret passion and prefers to keep his talent a secret.
- For whatever reason Nocturne feels a strong connection to Gala and so he hangs around her the most. He loves it when his 'popping in' flusters her. He's also very possessive over her, almost as if she's just a plaything to him.

Primary Streak 'Ri'
- Son of Rainbow Dash and Soarin.
- Older brother of Rainbow Storm.
- Cousin of Crash Boomer.
- Ri thankfully ended up with some of his parents' better traits; he's brave, respectful, and actually a good sport. He's not as disciplined as his mother was to train and exercise, but he's still determined to live up to his dream of being a racer. Ri is a ladies' man and flirts with many cute mares, in his gentlemanly way. He's not very good at picking up a mare's signals though, so he often unknowingly flirts with mares who clearly aren't interested.
- Ri's talent is in his great speed. He's not nearly as agile as his mother, but with his strong wings he is exceptionally fast. He races in local derbies, hoping to make it to the Cloudsdale Coliseum derbies soon. 
- Ri's closest friends are Midnight, Buck, and Mirage. He still flirts with Midie and Mirage but in more of a playful, sarcastic way.
- Although he's only met her once, Ri thinks Athena is genuinely awesome and just kinda admires her from afar.
- He 
dated Treble Tune at one point but they broke up since she was too wild and rebellious for him.
- He is rivals with Blaze; although they do different types of flying entertainment, so it's mostly just disliking each other's personalities. It definetly doesn't help that Blaze is hitting on his little sister.

Rainbow Storm 'Storm'
- Daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin.
- Younger sister of Primary Streak.
- Cousin of Crash Boomer.
Storm inherited her parents' laid-back and goofy natures. She loves to tease playfully, crack jokes, and pull a good prank every now and then. Although she loves to relax, she works hard and is diligent in a job at only 15. Storm also really enjoys reading and tries to encourage reading as cool.
- Her talent is (stereotypically) in weather control. Although not as fast as her parents or brother, she has great natural agility, making her exceptional at dealing with storm clouds. She works at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory.
- She and her brother are pretty close although she loves to tease him. She'll often call him 'Mary' (as in PriMARY) to annoy him.
- Although social butterfly CC is friends with everyone she and Storm are the closest.
- Storm is more tolerant of Blaze's recklessness and arrogance than most; which is probably why he likes her. She doesn't exactly consider him a friend, she just doesn't get as annoyed with him and let's him hang around her.
- She is chill with Strobe Light and Treble even though they're older, and occasionally goes to raves with them.l

Crash Boomer 'Boomer'
- Son of Scootaloo and Rumble.
- Cousin of Ri, Storm, Blaze, and Silverwind.
- Boomer is a typical young boy; he's tough, loud, likes to be active and play rough, and hates all things girly. Surprisingly most of these are traits he inherited from his mother; whom he is very much alike to in personality, except 10x crazier and more reckless. The colt loves to destroy things and often tries (and fails) to do cool tricks like his mother. Boomer is always covered in scrapes, scratches, and band-aids.
- He gains his cutie mark- not surprisingly- in demolition; however he has his parents' love to entertain and also wants to be a stunt devil in the future.
- Boomer and Trim are in the same group of friends but they clash quite a bit since, well, she's a girly girl and he dislikes girly things. It's basically him usually telling her she can't play certain things with the boys since she's too girly, followed by her defiantly demanding that she can play. He thinks her sister is much cooler.
- Although Trim is a girl and thus has an excuse to be girly, Page does not. Boomer really doesn't like Page since he's so unmasculine.
- Boomer, String, and Pippin are the bros.
- Boomer totally fanboys over his cousin Blaze and his awesome stunt trucks.

Comet Blaze 'Blaze'
- Son of Thunderlane and Lightning Dust (deceased).
- Older half-brother of Silverwind.
- Cousin of Boomer.
Blaze takes after his mother; being a daredevil doing crazy flying tricks, very competitive, and flirts by playfully teasing. He isn't afraid to take risks and is quite brash.
- His talent is in doing crazy stunt flying tricks.
- Lightning Dust died only a day or two after she had Blaze and left him to his father, and so Blaze has always known Cloudchaser as his mom. He respects his dad and is so grateful to him for keeping him and raising him.
- Ri doesn't like his attitude and tried to set him straight once, but it backfired and now Blaze is more arrogant than as a kid. He's now hostile towards Ri for these personal reasons rather than competitive reasons (as they aren't even in the same profession). 
- Ever since Storm grew up Blaze thought she was hot and now he thinks she likes him because she tolerates him.

Silverwind 'Silver'
- Son of Thunderlane and Cloudchaser.
- Younger half-brother of Comet Blaze.
- Cousin of Boomer.
- Silver is very ch
ill and relaxed, enjoying the small things in life. He loves hanging out at the beach and will often create nice breezes for Ponyville in the summer. He is definetly more mature than his older half-brother.
- Although his brother, Silver really wishes Blaze would stop being such a jerk and go back to the lovable idiot he was when they were kids.
- He has a crush on Smart Cookie.

Smart Cookie
- Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich.
- Older sister of CC and String Cheese.
Despite being the child of the world's greatest party ponies, Smart Cookie turned out mellow and mature. She loves nothing more than having fun, even though her version of fun is a quiet evening with a book and cup of cocoa. Smart Cookie is obviously a bookworm and is not only book-smart, but street-smart as well. You could get into a conversation with her about most anything. 
- Her talent is in baking and teaching, she works as a teacher and a cook at her family owned SCC.
- She enjoys Honey's quiet company when they hang out as besties.
- She likes hanging out with Silverwind but is completely unaware of his crush on her.

Cotton Candy Chocolate Sprinkles 'CC'
- Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich.
- Younger sister of Smart Cookie but older sister of String Cheese.
CC is much more like her parents, being hyper, fun-loving, and friendly. She's nearly a copy of her mother, except a bit toned down on the cray-cray. Although not exactly hyper as in loud and crazy, she is more hyper-active; as in she is quick-minded, quick to get things done, quick to react, quick in nearly everything she does. She can never really sit still and pay attention to one thing, she has to be moving and multitasking. Aside from her overwhelming friendliness and hyperness, CC can calm down and just listen (thanks to her mellow sister).
- Her talent is creating strange but delicious combinations of food. However she works as a waitress at SCC since her sister and mom cook.
Although CC is friends with everyone, she and Storm are the closest.
- She might be super friendly, but she won't take Blaze and Trick's crap.

String Cheese 'String'
- Son of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich.
- Younger brother of Smart Cookie and CC.
- String is a very clever and mischievous colt. There is nothing he loves more than pranking others, and while his family always laughs with him, some ponies don't appreciate it; so he's not as popular as his sisters or parents. Cheese doesn't care though, he's got all the friends he needs.
- His talent is (of course) pranking.
- He's pranking buddies with Unity.

Strobe Light 'Strobe'
- Son of Vinyl Scratch and Neon Lights.
Strobe is pretty much a copy of his parents; sarcastic, cool, loves the night life, and loves dubstep. However he is not a musician like them, rather he manages raves and gets his party on with his best friend Treble. He is sincere and a very good pony at heart.
Strobe's eyes are very sensitive to light after being exposed to so many bright rave lights as his eyes developed as a foal. This is actually mainly why he's always wearing his cool visor; it protects his eyes from the bright daytime and the rave lights at night.
- He's been Treble's best friend their whole lives, and started to like her once they got older. He patiently listens to her relationship problems and such while in the friendzone.
- He thinks Storm is cool but isn't sure if going to raves is good for her.

Treble 'Trouble' Tune
- Daughter of Octavia and Royal Riff.
Although her parents are refined musicians with class to spare, Treble turned out a rebel due to their strict rules and manners. She's a wildchild, constantly sneaking out and going to Strobe Light's raves to party hard. She's a flirt but a heartbreaker, thus her nickname.
- She's been best friends with Strobe since they were foals.
- She thought Ri was super hot and went out with him for a while, but he couldn't keep up with her wildchild-ness.
- Treble invites Storm to a lot of the raves she goes to since her motto is 'Girls just gotta have fun'.

You'll prob want to download it to see it more clearly.

Ask my Next Gen questions here:
  Ask my Next Gen!Ask my Next Gen anything! (except inaprops questions of course xD)
Try and imagine if you really were interviewing them; if you had a limited time, what would you want to know?
As of now each user can only ask one question, so as to not fill up their questions all from the same users.
If you aren't sure who my next gen are, you can learn about them here>

First Gen are all canon characters that belong to Hasbro, Next Gen characters belong to me, original dea for guide belongs to kilala97 (im assuming this is okay since I've seen a few others do this too)
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